2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Owners Manual - ECO MODE


Push the ECO button on the instrument panel switch bank to enter ECO mode. ECO mode modifies the vehicle’s engine and transmission settings to provide improved fuel economy at a trade-off with acceleration performance. Increased engine exhaust noise and/or vibration may be noticed while ECO is active. This is normal and a result of the increased amount of operating conditions where the vehicle is allowed to operate in four cylinder shutoff mode.

  • ECO is only available in AUTO mode.
  • Changing the Drive Mode will deactivate ECO.
  • ECO will be disabled when another Drive Mode is selected or ECO button is pushed.
  • When ECO is activated in AUTO mode, it will remain in ECO upon activation of AUTO mode from any other mode including across key cycles. To deactivate, press the ECO button again.

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